Please tell us how you feel about local news in your community.
How many people live in your community?

Compared to five years ago, what has happened to the number of news sources that provide local news about your town/city/rural community?

When it comes to local news about your town/city/rural community would you say the local news media provide:

Which local news sources do you RELY UPON THE MOST for local news about your town/city/rural municipality?

Of all the local news sources in your town/city/rural municipality, which ones DO THE BEST JOB of providing local news?

Please rate how well the local news media in your town/city/rural community covers the following issues:

Local government/municipal politics

Local economy/business

Local sports

Local crime/police news

Local arts/cultural events

Local healthcare issues

Local entertainment/restaurants

Local school/education issues

Local housing, development and real estate issues

Any other comments you'd like to share with us?

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